Eagle Rank

The rank of Eagle Scout is obtained by less than 5% of all Boy Scouts in the country. Because of the high honor that this rank advancement bestows upon an individual, it is important that the policies set forth by the Boy Scouts of America are strictly followed. These are documented in the Advancement Policies and Procedures manual published by the BSA.

In an effort to make these policies better understood, the Council Advancement Committee has written a series of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) regarding the Life to Eagle process, including best practices and suggestions to make the process as easy as possible. Please review the documents below for more information.

For those youth who are working towards their Eagle Rank, below are key links to resources and required documentation that will assist you in this endeavor.

Title Type Description Additional Info
Eagle Scout Advancement Procedures and Guidelines   The purpose of this document is to provide a standard set of procedures and guidelines to be used by all districts in the council. This will provide structure and a level of uniformity throughout the council as Scouts pursue their journey.  
Sources for Eagle Projects   Sources for Eagle Projects  
Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook   This is your Eagle Project planner and workbook  
Eagle Application   The (2-sided) Eagle Application to submit (2014 version to use if you completed your Eagle AFTER Dec. 31 2013)  
Eagle Checklist   This checklist will help the Eagle candidate ensure that everything is completed prior to an Eagle Board of Review  
Eagle Palm Application   For those who have already achieved the Eagle Rank - congratulations! As all Eagle Scouts know - advancement does not stop here. Make sure your work is recognized through Eagle Palms.  
Blood Drive

Fire Hydrants
A number of questions have arisen concerning Blood Drives and Fire Hydrants as Eagle projects. These documents describe the Boy Scouts of America policies related to these types of projects.
NESA Eagle Scout Scholarship Form   Eagle Scouts may apply for a NESA scholarship for their education.  
Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraising Guidelines   The following guidelines must be followed whenever a Scout raises money as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project.  
Alternate Eagle Merit Badge Application  
The Eagle Scout rank may be achieved by a Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, or qualified* Venturer who has a physical or mental disability by qualifying for alternative merit badges. This does not apply to individual requirements for merit badges. Merit badges are awarded only when all requirements are met as stated.
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